3 guideposts for making peace with suicide

smabstractsunriseRemember the theme song from the show M*A*S*H, “Suicide is painless?” From the surviving loved one’s viewpoint, nothing could be more wrong. Dealing with suicidal grief means overcoming enormous, overwhelming loss. It is, indeed, a hero’s journey.

A loved one’s suicide marks the day you stopped taking a full breath; the day you were left holding your broken heart in your hands and, unfortunately, the day people started avoiding, or, even, blaming you. You are left in a wake of surging emotions and self-doubt. The taint and taboo, the rage and despair, the guilt and regret are–in some brutal way–yours to sort out.

Due to proprietary agreements, I cannot feature the whole article here, but if you click this link to MariaShriver.com, you will find the remainder of the piece. I hope you find if of value. Many blessings to those of you walking this deeply challenging path.


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