Imponderables by Dianna Vagianos Armentrout



—for Jeanette or henry


Tuesday in homeopathy class

“imponderable” remedies


moonlight blue



I want to take

luna 200c

to feel the waves more,

come and go with my grandmother


Thursday I hear

that you are gone


all smiles, good soul

you took yourself away


transparent you

transparent me


       where did the veil go?


laugh at us

as we try to understand


mercy, moonlight, madness


my heart, my heart, my heart


my feet wet in all this rain


—Dianna Vagianos Armentrout


Dianna Vagianos Armentrout is a published writer, teacher, workshop facilitator and poetry therapist. She is the author of Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart: A Journey of Pregnancy, Grief and Newborn Death.  You can contact Dianna at and

This poem was originally published in The Vermont Literary Review Summer/Fall 2009, Volume XI, Number 1 and also featured in Making Peace with Suicide: A Book of Hope, Understanding and Comfort (2015).


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